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    Susuana Olatunji Komolafe

    CEO/Executive Director

    Welcome: My Story, Since 2018, I have being working on building our business network, I launched a pilot program REMEN Rural Ethnic Micro Entrepreneur Network to support African Caribbean Migrant businesses and these group has grown in thousands engaging members on Facebook. This led to the launch of African Caribbean Irish Owned Chambers of Commerce and we have a business page running on Facebook to primarily focus on supporting African Caribbean Irish Owned Businesses ONLY. I need you all to come on board with your businesses and register to build "The Chambers" together, I am reaching out to you all so you can be part of something new, amazing and exciting platform to nourish our community for everyone. To those of you that are familiar with me, knows how passionate I am, it has been on my mind to setup and set aside a body to support African Caribbean Owned Businesses and this brought up the idea of creating this chambers.

    A platform to support both Individual Professional Growth and Businesses Owners with primary focus on our own people, community and African Caribbean descendants in bridging the wealth gap to create generation wealth.


    Note: I need 100% commitment of love and input.

    Thank you so much

    Susuana Olatunji Komolafe

    Contact: 0894333796

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    Livingstone Thompson PHD


    Personal Mentorship & Chambers Advisory Consultant

    Rev. Dr. Livingstone A. Thompson


    Born in Jamaica, resides in Ireland. He speaks fluent English and has basic knowledge of Spanish, French and German. Livingstone Thompson is an experienced intercultural trainer with specialties across a variety of corporate fields. As a member of the Irish Institute of Training and Development, Livingstone provides consultancy, research and training in cultural awareness and diversity management. Livingstone brings a wealth of knowledge and skills in intercultural dialogue, diversity management and conflict resolution. He has worked with a variety of companies delivering training in cultural competence and leading global virtual teams. He has designed and delivered training focused on cultural competence for top managers at Leading Hotels of the World Ltd. (specifically the five-star Marker Hotel) and the Maldron Hotels, Ireland's largest hotel group

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    Rosemary O'Shaughnessy

    Freelance Executive, Digital Content Manager

    Our Blogger Contributor: Sign up for membership

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    Chambers Dotted Caucus

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    Business Caucus Representative

    Jason Mayukua: 0877611782

    Klaudia Okros: 0894552604