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    Thank you for visiting (The ACIO-Chamber) website where we make effort to provide you with all the information you need about your business.  We are working very hard to constantly improve our community business environment so please explore to discover what we have been up to and what activities we have coming up. 

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    Individual Plan

    Students, Individuals & Subscribers


    per month minimum

    • ACIO-Newsletter
    • ACIO-Directory List
    • Basic Training
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    Charity Plan

    Community Business, NGO's, Non-profits, Churches e.c.t



    per month

    • One-on-One Coaching
    • Mentorship Support
    • Training


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    Business Plan

    Starter, Established & Enterprises

    €15.00- 40

    per month

    • Book Consultation Meeting
    • Advanced Business Training
    • Live Chat Support
    • Business Video Service
    • One-on-One Coaching
    • Mentorship Support
    • Bonus Care Package!
    • Dotted Caucus (Shared Service)
    • Medium & Corporate's
  • Our Membership Status

    Our CEO, Executive Director reserved the ABSOLUTE privilege to who becomes a service member, membership can be refused and may be revoked or modified as fit, and agrees to be bound by the Bye Laws and Constitution of the ACIO-Chamber. Their is no age limitation to anyone in (business) but as an individual not in business, you have to be 18 years of age.


    The ACIO-Chamber are delighted to have launched a ‘Pay Monthly Model’ a model of payment for an annual membership – 12 payments across 12 months but we do recommend an annual payment. The introduction of this new payment model makes service-membership more affordable for Thinker-Micro-Startups and to Maturity.



    Chamber Directory list is a free Membership open to everyone to receive our Mailing List and Newsletters. Individuals, Students, Charities or Businesses Interested Qualifies.

    Become A Part of the Largest African Business Community In Ireland & UK
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    Individual Plan Packages

    Categories are; Students, Individuals & Subscribers

    ACIO-Chamber Subscription Plan

    Monthly €5 OR Annually €50

    The benefit of subscribing to the ACIO-Chamber of Commerce are below:

    It mainly gives you access to the ACIO-Chamber social media platform to promote your business on a virtual manage platform with over 1000 members. In addition to an official email support, free mailing list and newsletter monthly.


    Monthly Business Presentations

    Advertisement on Facebook Business Page

    Advertisement on Facebook Business Group

    Advertisement on Facebook Stall Virtual Exhibition

    Student Membership

    Annually €25

    Open to all business students and young teen entrepreneurs

    Students Package includes: Access to internships opportunities Or Work placement, Mentor referrals, Scholarship opportunities & Contribution on Chamber newsletter

    Individuals Package includes: Students Package plus, Job search / placement resources, Self-development programs, Career exposure, Recognition on Chamber newsletter (Subscribers)


    Charity Plan Packages

    Categories are; NGO's, Nonprofits, Associations, Society OR Churches

    Monthly €10 & Annually €100

    Nonprofits Package includes: Committee representation, Community advocate, Business planning

    Legal entity setup & compliance assistance, Social Media posting, Business listed on Directory & Recognition on Chamber newsletter


    Business Plan Packages

    Categories are; Starter, Established & Enterprise

    The Starter-Plan

    Open to Startups, Freelance, Home-base networking businesses, Mini-Micro, Micro & Social Enterprise with (0-3 Staff)

    Monthly €10 & Annually €100

    The Established-Plan

    Open to Small Business & Medium with (0-10 Staff)

    Monthly €15 & Annually €150

    Monthly €20 & Annually €200

    The Enterprise Plan

    Open to Large and Corporate Business with 1 Staff but needed full support, Minimum 10 staff above

    Annually membership only €350 (Dotted Caucus; Shared Service Only)

    Monthly €30 & Annually 350 (All Inclusive Enterprise Plan €450)


    We are a primary resource center and leading advocate for African Caribbean Irish Owned business professionals in local, national, and international markets working with leading legal expertise given you access to unlimited professional and HR advice, information, support and opportunity.

    Book a consultation meeting for more information on how this work.


    Starter Package includes: 30 minute consulting, Workshop, Networking opportunities, Sponsorship opportunities, Access to Directory list, Social Media Outlet post, Social ceremony Subside, Online Virtual Product Stall Exhibition & Showcase for your businesses, Listed on Chamber website & Recognition on Chamber newsletter.


    Established Package includes: 1 hour Business consulting & Tender Advice, Workshop, Expansion planning, Networking opportunities, Sponsorship opportunities, Educational seminars, Access to Directory list, Social Media Outlet post, Social ceremony, Listed on Chamber website & Recognition on Chamber newsletter. Small Business (up to 5 Employees) -€150-200 & Medium Business (up to 10 Employees) -€200-350. Online Virtual Product Stall Exhibition & Showcase for your businesses.


    Enterprise Package includes: Corporate Business - 10 plus Employees, Starter & Established Business package plus, Promotional booth at Chamber events, Email Blast marketing, Business name /Logo linked on Chamber website, Editorial in Chamber newsletter & magazine, Access to communicate to all in Chamber database, Business name/ Logo appear on all Chamber event announcements & advertisements & Reserved table at annual gala (Paver & Business Awards)


    Packages Include: Annually membership only €350 (Dotted Caucus & Shared Service Membership Only) Legal expertise given you access to professional, Insurance, Recruitment and HR advice. Advice & Support: Dedicated HR Advisory Service, General Business Advice & Support including COVID-19, Brexit, HR, Finance and more resources including guides. Legal issues every business needs to know Having the right Terms and Conditions of Business. Terms and conditions of business are an essential document which every business should (but often don't) have in place. Protecting your intellectual property. 'Intellectual property' is something you or your business creates that's different to anything else available on the market. Your staffs!! This are some of the social issues face by businesses within the African Caribbean Migrant communities living and doing business locally.


    Note: Subject to review yearly and contact us immediately for further information