• Who we are

    ACIO is a service-membership driven organisation that extends many of the recognised functions of chamber of commerce style organisations into the unique setting of the African Caribbean business community to create an ecosystem network. ​

    Our Vision

    Our vision as the chambers is to be a driving force that will create a nuclear energy to empower and elevate African Caribbean Irish Owned businesses in our community. To serve its members in diaspora, by focusing on our development and become part of a global economic space, business networking, mentoring, e-commerce, business union, cultural enhancement and business development.

    Our Service

    This is a business initiative idea creating strong working links with both the Irish, migrant, Asians, and African Caribbean Irish Owned Businesses an opportunity to develop our economy power for our community with the hope to offer you all a broad range of services at a reasonable cost. The ACIO-Chambers of Commerce will provide a "Service-Membership" for our registered members, ACIO-Chambers descriptive responsibility is to show off our membership businesses, projects, training, features clients, and provided support services. A platform to support both Individual Professional Growth and Businesses Owners with primary focus on African Caribbean descendants doing and creating businesses. An opportunity to develop business caucus and become a service-member, registered in our directory and mailing list, offering a broad range of services with a vision to be a driving force arena looking after business interest, business companion, business care and consultancy.

  • Benefits of the Chambers Membership

    Collaborative & Features Partnership

    Our Work

    We invite volunteers, businesses, individual with skills and entrepreneurs of all kinds to collaborate with us. Whether you’re a micro business or a large corporate enterprise, there are plenty of beneficiaries to become one of our collaborating partners or a member of our community of business network


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    The benefit of joining the Chambers will be to build up your business network and sharing of knowledge. We are representing African Caribbean Irish owned businesses and entrepreneurs. We organizes events and run a number of campaigns aimed at supporting African Caribbean lead business in terms of policy, its a service-membership base for the business community to empower, support to accelerate growth, enhance productivity, access new opportunities, show case products and solutions, enhance marketing and highlight the needs of African Caribbean ethnicity businesses here in Ireland.


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    Drop your message

    • We are here for your business
    • What can we do for you and your event? We can promote the sale of your tickets to our social media platforms and our email directory databases
    • We can promote any content regarding your event
    • We can also offer the event communication package
    • We can give you access to the opinions and observations of thousands of African decision takers which you can use for any content relating to the topics of your event
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    Connect with our Partner



    Be a Team Player


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    Sourcing Knowledge

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    A Virtual Room

    Work Made Easy

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    MaryKay Products

    MaryKay Products

    110,00 €
    Hello Dear Entrepreneurs,
    It's me, I recently became a Retail Beauty Consultant with MaryKay, and I would love to share my journey with you. I want you to join my team, become a consultant like myself, part-time income, working from home as a retail beauty Consultant, becoming your own boss.

    Contact me: For a quick chat now on adcenter25@yahoo.ie
    Visit my personal website to explore: Further contact on the website

    €110 to become an Independent Retail Beauty Consultant
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    Business Culture Workshop: TheChambers

    Business Culture Workshop: TheChambers

    25,00 €
    Let us know your thoughts in the comments below! Registration for the workshop below adcenter25@yahoo.ie

    Diversity; Inclusion & Culture Transformation
    As we discuss topics of Employee Engagement, Mentor-ship, Career Advancement, Innovation, Diversity and Inclusion, and more, we are actually talking about the nuances and complexities of work-life that drive success. These nuances can be easily encapsulated under the concept of culture, which organizations continue to invest heavily in due to its importance and complexity.

    Diversity, Inclusiveness and Cultural transformation is extremely. She teaches entrepreneurs the profitable strategies and action steps for building a highly engaged cultural and inclusive list in order to sell online with ease how important the culture of diversity and inclusiveness' in your company or organisation.
    Coming soon


    10,00 €
    I have a story that can change the world though the people I have worked with and engage on my journey.

    Note: Our stories can change the world and I am set to embark on this Social Media Campaign to inspire, encourage and connect with each other through my journey and story shared in this book published by me to highlighting challenges, shared wisdom and what it was like on the road. This book will introduce you to women from various background with experiences to share and a voice to be heard. Get a copy now to read.
    Coming soon


    50,00 €
    We are given away a discount voucher of 50% to anyone Signing on our Subscription for 2022. It was normally €50 Annually and you can now get it for half price €25.
    A Discount Subscription @ €25 till 25th December to all our new customers and members.
    View more details...
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    ACIO Virtual Stall Exhibition

    ACIO Virtual Stall Exhibition

    15,00 €
    Are you interested to participate on our Virtually Stall Exhibition?
    Read the details on the flyer, contact us and book a time
    ACIO Virtual Stall Exhibition is an powerful marketing tool to advertise your brand as an online exhibition solution. Showcase your graphics and videos with us on all our social media platform, website targeting our audience
    We are interested in you , your business, your service or product and our audience is waiting for you. We offer additional follow-up to all our clients
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    15,00 €
    ACIO Virtual Stall Exhibition
    Register with us to be featured on all our social media platform, your business, your story, pro
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    Join the Book Club

    Join the Book Club

    5,00 €
    Join the African Caribbean Authors Club to feature your book, your skills as a writer, explore books, startup on the journey of writing and telling stories . Make new friends, network

    She teaches books or authors entrepreneurs the profitable strategies and action steps for building a highly engaged readers, audience, lovers of stories, writers bloggers, storytellers, online with ease to flourish and be happy.

    Feature your book month at the cost of €25 in a one-on-one virtual interview session that last for minimum 15minutes - 30 minute each week for 4weeks
    Coming soon
    Using Facebook WhatsApp and Instagram for Your Business Service(Beginner)

    Using Facebook WhatsApp and Instagram for Your Business Service(Beginner)

    120,00 €
    Using Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram for Your Business Service(Beginner)
    Course Category: Social Media Participants will learn how to use Facebook and Instagram to promote their business with the integration of WhatsApp.

    This course is aimed at people who may be on either Facebook or Instagram in a personal capacity, but who now wish to use these social media platforms to market their personal branding, business service or product and to either promote your organisation either profit or non-for-profit. Using Facebook and Instagram for Your Business Service (Beginner)

    Contact us through adcenter25@yahoo.ie
    NB: All payment through PayPal somk3@yahoo.com €120 for the 4weeks
    Installment Payments
    Kindly note that we allow paying in installment but your first installment should be 50% and you need to pay in full for you to get the certificate of participation.

    Click on the link provided to fill out the form: https://forms.gle/h7wyJcn7fnNe7oXY6

    Trainer Facilitator:
    Susuana Olatunji Komolafe: Social Media Manager Strategist

    Instructions to participants:
    Training will take place online. The facilitator will be in touch with participants by email, prior to each day's workshop.
    Coming soon
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    We operate with a clear vision to promote our businesses in the diaspora taking into account Brexit, The Chambers is setup for mentoring, training and business creation in our society as a major social need. Participating will give your business or company a globe-room with direct entrepreneurs on where to invest and buy their services.

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    A Virtual Exhibition for African Caribbean Authors Specifically designed for educators, artists, authors, and children’s book enthusiasts to promote their book and also engage us on conversation on your book journey. We also allow you to use our platform to sell your books, contact us for details.

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    The Chambers seek to integrate all resources into building businesses in our directory list, and membership of the chambers, register your business, join the chambers. We are established base on social needs to bridge the wealth gap, become loud in the Irish mainstream market, strong network of business internationally and to focus on promoting African Caribbean businesses in Ireland, Africa, Europe, Pacific and round the world has a social need for global presence.

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    #BuyAfrican Time for change Our community need to be United AFRICAN CARIBBEAN IRISH OWNED BUSINESS SOCIAL FUND is offering every AFRICAN CARIBBEAN person to stand up and do something for our community here in Ireland. Can you imagine we are only asking you to contribute €1 a WEEK minimum to our growth We are talking about investing to the AFRICAN CARIBBEAN community, buying Land, YOUTH mentorship, creating AMBASSADORS and small businesses start up loans AND INVESTORS. We are no longer shouting #AFRICANLIVESMATTER we are now shouting #AFRICAN&PROUD #BUYAFRICAN TOGETHER WE ARE UNSTOPPABLE Come on LET make a difference in our community #AFRICANPOWER 💪🏾

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    Self Empowerment on African Studies

    African studies is the study of Africa, especially the continent's cultures and societies. As an African in Diaspora, you need to empower yourself by knowing your history. This course attempts to fill the knowledge gaps that modern people have in Africa history, as these are the very foundations of any modern Africans creation. Susuana Olatunji Komolafe have over twenty six years of experience in teaching, lecturing and tutoring. Her various qualification which helps her to deliver and engage clients and student to the best of her ability. She's an activist, historian and passionate about history. She's the initiator, founder of African History Month Ireland use in celebration and projecting, profiling positive image of Africa, African and Caribbean. She work with students, professional, individual and businesses (corporate institutions or charity) to develop race conscious bias in their view of Africanism, making workplace diverse and practices inclusiveness.


    Chambers Membership Scheme Campaign

    Monthly Business Training

    15th January, 2021 @6PM

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    Anguilla, Antigua & Barbuda

    Aruba, Bahamas, Barbados

    Belize, Bermuda, British Virgin Islands

    Curacao, Cayman Islands, Cuba

    Dominica, Dominican Republic

    Grenada, Guadeloupe, Guyana

    Haiti, Jamaica, Martinique, Montserrat

    Panama, Puerto Rico, St. Bartholomew

    St. Kitts & Nevis, St. Lucia, St. Martin/St. Maarten, St. Vincent & the Grenadines

    Trinidad & Tobago, Turks & Caicos Islands

    United States Virgin Islands


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    Services We Offer & Businesses We Offer Service-Membership

    Our business went into trade 2020 a Service Business Membership initiated for African Caribbean Lead & Established here on Irish soil. Join our global market reach and network of service providers with an extended market to the Migrant Ethnic communities .
    Business Promotion via Social Media & Email Marketing

    Branding Consultation

    Business Referral Model & Market Research

    Graphic Design Package (Logo - Web Banners, etc.)

    ​Printing & Distribution

    Trade Exhibition & Events

    Weekly Newsletter Update & Quarterly

    Radio Promotion OR Interview

    Visual and Audio Promotion.

    Online - Printed Magazine

    We target clients all over the world and we also offer a specialist service for the African Caribbean Migrant population in Ireland, Europe & Africa to get global exposure. We also aim at connecting Local Professional, Business owners or Innovators of the present and future business thinkers.

    Esca Menu Apps

      Esca Menu, in conjunction with ACIO-Chambers of Commerce, is offering the Pro Plan, which features contact-less payments, online orders, and unlimited menus to eligible African Caribbean owned Food Restaurants/Drink Bar, African /Asians Food Shop businesses

    Completely Free of Charge.


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