ACIO-Chamber of Commerce established by Susuana Komolafe
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ACIO-Chamber Membership Campaign


ACIO-Chamber Membership Campaign@Masterclass Virtual Service-Membership Selling for ACIO-Chamber, Join us on the 15th May to discover new strategies, to enhanced business goals, and inspirational tips. It's really hard to make massive gains in skill and performance and talent, especially overnight. But it's fairly easy to make small changes every day. Now is a great time to look at how to improve your sales strategy and make 2021 the year your team masters virtual selling.

This is my Business Story and it really does matter to share it with you all. Join me and my team on this campaign for "Service-Membership" @ the ACIO-Chamber Service-Membership Campaign and Meet some of our team, that would be supporting me in given the best Business Care service for your business or organization needs. This is our story be part of it by joining the ride. Join the ACIO-Chamber be part of this platform where African lead business or organization thrives.

Our Service-Membership Drive Campaign ACIO-Chamber is committed to fostering strong business links between African Caribbean business and the Irish mainstream market I will bring together business owners, professionals, collaborators and partners from all over the world, together with business leaders, investors, diplomats, embassies, small & medium business owners, governmental & non governmental personalities, charity, individual and students together for economic power

#BuyAfrican Register by contacting us:

The African Caribbean Irish Owned chambers of Commerce (ACIO), is a social entreprise  service-membership organization which seeks to BRIDEG WEALTH-GAP, EMPOWER, WEALTH CREATION, GUIDE AFRICAN CARIBBEAN LEAD ORGANISATION OR BUSINESS, PROMOTE GENERATION WEALTH, ENHANCE OPPORTUNTIES, COLLABORATE & FORM PARTNERSHIP and GROW stay-home, solopreneurs, startups, small, medium sized African, Caribbean, Asians, Ethnicity and minority businesses throughout Irish counties by addressing the gap in business to create access to funding, grants, educational resources, policy changes and capacity building.  The ACIO-Chamber seeks to act as a primary collaborative entity for African Caribbean Asian, Ethnicity and minority businesses to create a culture of solopreneurs ecosystems to build self- worth, diverse market space, capacity building, access to mainstream platform and community inclusion. 

Our Services-Membership offers are:  Business Sustainability Growth Consulting Community in collaboration with Phoebe, Phoebe Marketing Group is a Global Business Expert in Africa, Asia, Europe and USA providing business training, leadership development and strategic planning for business, government and organizations to develop trainings.

 Engagement Initiatives Access to Capital & Funding Business Startup & Development Mentorship  with Gamu Matarira - Coach/Consultant. Webinar Host. Helping entrepreneurs achieve higher profits and impact in their business by providing training. We hope to develop a StepTwo  Stage Strategy approach, Stage 1 - teach mentees basic entrepreneurial skills within ACIO- Chambers, then Stage 2 they volunteer to work under the business they are trying to emulate.  We hope to create opportunities for them to work as affiliates and earn commission in the process.  

 B2B Partnerships Needs Assessment Analysis Supplier Diversity Training Membership Advocacy Business Workshops & Training P&L and Budgeting Community Focus Group with David Smith BRITISH AFRICAN BUSINESS ALLIANCE LTD Maximising the positive impact of the African Diaspora in UK on development in Africa and International Trade & Development

Digital Content creation for Businesses with Rosemary O'Shaughnessy, Freelance Remote Work: Podcaster WordPress Design, Training on Zoom, Workshops, Digital Content Creation. Supporting Businesses who are Service Providers, Professionals, Health , Wellness and Local Business.

Masterclass Session on Consulting with the chmabers Executive Director and working team

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ACIO-Chambers of Commerce established by Susuana Komolafe, thank you